You make your bed first thing in the morning, you’re organized, you’re always on time and you love high quality materials. If that’s you, we think you’d like the newest addition to our Ironed Collection: Luxe Cotton bedding.

This premium fabric is made from long staple cotton with a high thread count, making it the quintessential fabric of a polished home.

Luxe Cotton is not a specific type of cotton. Just like percale, it’s a weaving technique - one thread under, three threads over. Our Luxe Cotton sheets are also embroidered with two distinctive borders in our seasonal colours. They’ll instantly elevate your bedroom while providing comfort and tranquility. 

While linen gets prized for its trendy and effortless aesthetic, Luxe Cotton is the option for people who like order and sophistication. Plus, high-quality bed sheets, if properly cared for, can last for many years.


Here is why we love them so much

Our Luxe Cotton sheets are sumptuously silky and will add a grown-up feel to your bedroom. The refined look speaks for itself, you’d normally find it in the best hotels around the world. 

Luxe Cotton is a low maintenance option for people with busy lives. For an extra pristine finish, iron or steam it at a low temperature. 

The weave gives it a slightly heavier feel than traditional cotton. This adds an extra layer of comfort that will make you fall asleep quickly. We can’t think of anything better!

Think less, live more… in your Luxe Cotton sheets!


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