How did you build your career? Did you plan it or did it just “happen”?

It started out of passion, but when I realized this could actually be something, I gave it my all.

As a food stylist, you have a strong sense of aesthetics. Can you tell us how this translates into your home?

Food styling is all about details and clarity. You want every colour to work and have a nice balance. The same rules apply in our home. It must have a nice flow, a nice story.

We know your childhood was filled with family gatherings and food memories - Is this something you also want to convey to your kids? How?

Absolutely! We already host so much. We also include them during our cooking and baking sessions as much as possible. My kids now help set up the table or ask me when I’m going to get the flowers when I say we are having people over. Start them young! Just like my mom did for us.

What is your night-time routine?

I definitely put the kids to bed early and then go back to doing my work. Once that's done, I am going to take care of me: mask, moisturize and really get into my bedsheets feeling relaxed.

What makes your bedroom truly yours?

I think its simplicity and the plants! I love flowers and plants, so we have very big windows with a beautiful plant. And of course, the most comfortable bed sheets.

What essential item do you keep on your bedside table?

I always have home décor and food magazines. It’s been my thing since I was a teenager.

Tell us about one of your best memory that took place at home.

I would say bringing my twins home. We had just moved in 3 days before and my water broke on my bed! Haha! And coming home to a beautiful, clean set up home was just everything. It was officially our space, our place to just be and to live.

Night owl
early bird?
Sadly both!

What is
your go to
Overnight oats or a good smoothie packed with fruits, veggies and protein.

Describe an
ideal Sunday
Starting off my morning outside, alone and doing a 10 min meditation session. Having a cup of coffee and making breakfast for the entire fam. I live for those moments.

When do you
feel the most
at home?
When I am actually not worried about work, about anything else. Waking up, feeling great, going back to bed to read a magazine or book for a few minutes. It’s the little things.

What would
you call your
personal style?
I would say definitely simple and sporty! I love the simple look with not too much color. Earth colors are definitely my thing.

makes you
Taking care of myself, of my family. Running my business and pushing it to keep growing to make a better life for my kids. Doing something I love (my work) and mostly, taking care of myself. Because if I don’t take care of myself none of the above will work.

What is your
most used and
worn out item
that you
would never
get rid of?
Omg I have a lot of those! But I would say my $20 mandolin! It’s the best mandolin and I’ve had it for a million years and will never get rid of it.

If you could
only keep
one self-care
product, what
would it be?
My face moisturizer! I hate feeling like I have dried skin!

Do you always
keep your bed tidy
and clean or do
you embrace the mess?
I love the mess! It makes it beautiful and unique, just like how I want my life to be.

At Maison Tess., we find it important to be a voice for woman : What would you tell to the woman who are reading us right now? To always take care of yourself no matter what. Even if life, work, kids get in the way… they’ll always be something. Take care of yourself. Hide under those bedsheets an extra 10 minutes, enjoy that cup of coffee before picking up the kids. No matter what it is: take care of YOU.

Can you share with us a time you messed up and something beautiful came out of it?

What? I never mess up! Lol kidding... omg where do I start… I was working for a morning tv show, where I accidentally pressed the red button that goes straight to commercial. I was mortified. It ended up making me extra careful in literally everything I do in life. Especially with work. Not out of fear of messing up, but just being on the ball when you are in something.