A singer songwriter, a pianist and a mom; how has having a kid influenced and shaped your career?

It shaped everything. It really helped me become someone with empathy and patience. Im sure a lot of people can have that naturally, but being a parent in my case helped me tune into my inner artist and into being a better human in general.

As a young artist what was the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

I think not letting people and criticism get to you. I always did what I wanted, and Im glad that my team let me be and never went against my wishes, but I guess I’m too hard headed for things to go otherwise :)

We know that your songs often have a deeper, personal meaning for you. Can you share one of them with us and tell us a little more about what makes this song special for you?

I have a song called Somnambule (sleep-walker) and it talks about how falling in love resembles sleep walking. You’re not in control of your movements or feelings when you fall in love, I thought it was such a beautiful parallel to make.

What is your night-time routine?

I usually read 3 stories to my gal and then I’ll watch some kind of show that I didn’t have time to catch up on. I try to read, I try to listen to podcasts but usually a show will do the trick and I’ll fall asleep.

What makes your bedroom truly yours?

There’s not much in it, mostly my king sized bed, but it reminds me a lot of hotel rooms : not much, just he necessities, and kind of a european feel. we’re here to sleep and dream after all.

What essential item do you keep on your bedside table?

haha, a couple of minerals, a book, a notepad, lip balm and lube

Tell us about one of your best memory that took place at home.

I write all of my songs at home, so whenever its about creation I keep it there.

Night owl
early bird?

What is
your go to

Describe an
ideal Sunday

When do you
feel the most
at home?

What would
you call your
personal style?

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What is your
most used and
worn out item
that you
would never
get rid of?

If you could
only keep
one self-care
product, what
would it be?

Do you always
keep your bed tidy
and clean or do
you embrace the mess?

At Maison Tess., we find it important to be a voice for woman : What would you tell to the woman who are reading us right now?

Can you share with us a time you messed up and something beautiful came out of it?

I got pregnant after one month of dating someone. I don’t think I messed up, even if to a lot of people it seemed like I did. I’m pretty sure its the best thing ever that came out of it.