We had the chance to chat with Phyllis and Aleem from Kalu Interiors, an award-winning Vancouver based design firm. With their eyes for sophisticated details while stressing the importance of comfort, here’s everything you need to know about their styling tips towards decorating the perfect bedroom !

When decorating a bedroom, what are the key elements you must consider?

First and foremost, we like to consider the actual room itself! Are there limitations to the room? What are some of the great features that we want to highlight? However, bedding is what sets the stage for the entire bedroom. Restful, resort, luxury… These are all key terms that run through our minds when designing any bedroom space.

Moving forward, a great bed frame, nightstands for storage, table lamps and adding a key feature as an artwork, mirror or wallpaper behind the bed will bring the experience full-circle. Lastly, add some life with a plant! The touch of green will bring soft, natural and restful vibes to any bedroom space.

What are the top 3 decor essentials that instantly elevate any bedroom?

1. Bedding: A quality luxe-feeling bedding is a must. We like to use light colored bedding that instantly brings light and freshness, as Maison Tess’s Luxe Collection. But it doesn't mean that it can't be accented with a stripe, pattern or layered with coloured toss cushions.

2. Lighting: Lighting can immediately elevate the experience of any space. So different levels and layers of lighting are so essential. A pretty chandelier or pendant in the middle of the room for form, and bedside lamps for function.

3. Smell: We always forget the impact of the sense of smell! Consider a combination of Tess. candles or diffusers that will enliven your house’s spirit. 

Which colours and fabrics do you prioritize when styling the perfect bed?

We work from lightest to darkest, but it truly depends on the room and on the client. However, we gravitate towards light-to-white sheets, a matching duvet cover or with a slight texture and/or pattern, a blanket and accent pillows which layer onto that. Texture on a bed is crucial; Maison Tess.’s crisp white linens, quilted throws, and plush shams... all of the above will exude heavenly vibes! They are the best way to jazz up an otherwise blah bed, without having to change everything!

How does our Luxe Cotton collection elevate any bedroom?

Maison Tess.’s Luxe collection totally gives off that luxury hotel vibe that makes you travel from the comfort of your home! The predominant crisp white look combined with the double-embroidered stripe is the quintessential way to add detail: a hint of colour and texture without overpowering the one spot in your home which should feel heavenly. Soft pretty colours are available and easy to coordinate in a variety of bedrooms. Now, let's jump into the sheets... Egyptian sateen cotton that is smooth, soft and supple but still holds its structure. Beautiful in texture, feel and breathable, the perfect collection to get us through the night!

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