“Colour focused premium bedding essentials”

An infusion of deep, opulent and warm tones compose our Earthy Gems collection in our exclusive Coco Linen™ fabric. This collection offers bursts of hypnotic flashes into a range of soulful shades. Allow these precious gems to repurpose your bedroom and bring a wind of renewal into your decor. 

Our Coco Linen™ fabric is a signature of Maison Tess. Comfort meets style with a blend of 45% Premium Percale Cotton and 55% Pure Flax Linen. Hence, you get the best of both worlds: the look and feel of linen combined with the renowned softness of cotton!


Uplift your mood with the purple undertones of our sumptuous Berry. This hue will unpretentiously rejuvenate your room decor.


The sun-kissed tone of our best-selling Amber colour elevates any room. Its timeless and saturated hues instantly add visual interest. 


This earthy and luscious colour will breathe new life into your bedroom with its stimulating shade of dark green. 

Made to complement each other or to be purchased alone, our Earthy Gems collection will bring colour and character to your space ! 
Which hue are you ready to dive into ?