At Maison Tess., we take comfort seriously, and we’re all about creating high-fashion bedding that reflects your identity. We strongly believe a cozy setting is the key to feeling at home, and falling asleep more quickly. We have extra tips up our sleeve when it comes to making a bedroom feel like a cocoon, no matter the season. Here’s how we do it. 

Matelassé Bedspreads

Achieve the next level of comfort by layering a bedspread on top of your duvet cover. It’s a simple way to add depth to your decor with colours and textures. Wrap yourself in it to watch your favourite TV show, or use it on evenings outside by the fire. We’ve recently launched sustainable bedspreads featuring a stylish diamond stitching pattern. Choose between Amber or Blush, or combine the two together. 

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting promotes relaxation, it’s a fact. We suggest switching your current bulbs to make the light temperature softer, or lighting a candle. The latter will also smell amazing. 


Pillow Party

Who said you only needed one pillow to sleep on? In our opinion, the more pillows the better. Make your bed feel like a cloud, and dress them in your favourite colours: opt for muted tones to create an enveloping feel, or choose one of our high octane shades. Just browse our pillowcase collection to find the right ones for you. 

Evening ritual

Our next cozy tip is creating a nighttime ritual and sticking with it. Spray your pillow with a lavender mist, write your intentions in a gratitude journal and apply an overnight face mask. Make sure to have your go-to essentials on hand so you don’t forget.


And finally... sleep in one of our high end sheet sets! It doesn’t get better than this.


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