Meet The New Neutrals. Our new collection is about seeking comfort at home and the philosophy of “less, but better”. One of the ways we can be more mindful of our shopping habits is by investing in quality items, choosing timeless designs, and caring for our belongings. Today we’re showing you how to style our new collection so you can make the most of your decor, and in turn, keep your sheets for longer.

Combine different fabrics

All the pieces of The New Neutrals collection are designed to be easily curated together, and by that, we don’t just mean the colours. Don’t be afraid to combine Muslin Cotton with Coco Linen or Stonewashed Cotton. Choose fabrics based on your personal preferences, and the final result will be as cozy as it is functional.

Try a tonal look

There’s an art to mixing the same tones across different textures, and we think the colours of our new palette work especially well for this. Our new shades are inspired by the soft hues we find in nature. Opt for an all-Clay bed if you want a soothing and earthy colour, Latte to add a bit of warmth to your space, and Moss to promote rest and relaxation. We guarantee your bed will be the focal point of your bedroom.

Accessorize with quilts

We’ve brought out 4 new quilts, which you can layer in so many different ways. Above, we’ve styled it under the duvet, but you could also fold it at the bottom of your bed, layer 2 on top of each other or cover your entire bed with it. The possibilities are endless, you just have to be a bit creative. 


What are your favourite ways to style your bed? Don’t forget to tag us in your bedroom photos with the hashtags #mytess #thenewneutrals


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