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It's an incredibly satisfying feeling to watch our children grow into tiny independent humans or in the making.But, it's also easy to forget that you are so much more than a mom or dad, wife, husband or partner. 

From their first words, steps, and days of school, we know you're just as obsessed as we are about capturing it all. You probably have the camera roll to prove it. It feels like it happens overnight sometimes. But we all know that's far from the truth, and we have the wrinkles and white hair to prove it! 

When you're so frustrated, you want to pull your hair out, look around. There's always another parent who'll give you that look of acknowledgment. We see each other. When you're having a rough day, glance at your screensaver to see their little face, and your heart gushes.

Whether you have a milestone coming up or just finished a challenging period, we want to take a moment to celebrate parenthood - the highs and lows.

Beyond sharing activities with your children, carving out some time for your self-care will make you a better parent. Whatever you're into; yoga, running, learning a new language, traveling or napping (also valid btw), a balanced parent is a powerful example for any child. After all, you can't pour from an empty cup. 

Summer is around the corner, which usually means family vacations, sleepaway camps, or maybe the cottage. However you spend it, you will surely create new family memories to love and cherish together. 

Soak it all up, the good and the bad, because our role will always continue to evolve as parents. Remember to treat yourself kindly throughout this imperfect journey and thrilling rollercoaster of emotions. 

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