At Maison Tess., it is passionate, creative and persevering women like Marilou from Trois Fois par Jour  who inspire us everyday. Read our short interview with her.

As a businesswoman and mother, how has motherhood influenced your career? 

Motherhood has completely changed my perception of life in general. What I used to value a lot has become what I value the least today; the approval of others and material success. Making so many sacrifices for my children, without them being seen by others or valued by the outside world, has had so many positive effects on me as a person. It's a cliché, but I no longer measure my value by looking outside myself, but on the inside. 


You have a unique aesthetic. How is this reflected into your home?

I might be the worst interior designer in the world because I need time to make a space beautiful. It seems utopian to me to buy all necessary furniture and decoration within a few days in order to make a space beautiful. It takes me months, even years to find objects, frames, accessories and furniture that really speak to me and that I want to add to my home. After 3 years at home, I am just beginning to find that things are in their place or that the space is to my liking (materially speaking). I find this whole process really fun and creative.

Can you share a quick recipe that kids love? 

Add a few slices of prosciutto in the pan until golden, then add broccoli, pesto and cream. Mix with pasta, and you have a meal that kids love in less than 5 minutes with 5 ingredients.

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