How to plan the perfect outdoor 5 à 7 thanks to Tania Tassone

Écrit par Maison Tess. / Written by Maison Tess.

We talked to the Montreal-based event planner to hear all her insider’s tips and tricks when it comes to making your al fresco gathering a hit, and our collection of tableware can definitely help you get all set.

What are the key elements to planning a successful outdoor 5 à 7?
The first step is knowing what kind of mood you’re looking to set. That will influence all your decisions, from what music to play, to which shade of Maison Tess. placemats are the best fit. Then, chill a nice rosé or white wine, pick a pretty spot with a view, have a plan for if it rains and you’re good to go!

What linens and table accessories are a must at any dinner party?
When deciding what should end up on your table, a few items are a must. Consider which wine you’ll be serving when picking glasses, add personal style with ornate presentation plates and opt for thick, quality table linens, like the Coco Linen™ pieces that mix premium cotton and pure flax linen.

 How do you integrate pops of colour in a theme at the table?
There are plenty of fun ways to bring some colour to your setting: from a printed menu to whimsical water glasses, flowers and placemats. But remember to keep things simple with just one or two colourful items that can stand out against Maison Tess’ neutral Coco Linen™ tablecloth in Clay.

Tess. Liberty Blue Napkin Set

What kind of fabrics do you look for in table linens?
That depends on the setting! Textures awaken our sense of touch and bring us back to specific memories and places. For example, white polyester napkins are reminiscent of bistro tables, whereas linen evokes a beautiful outdoor table in an Italian vineyard. Given the choice, I pick the vineyard every time. Linen is used in Maison Tess napkins, so they’re light, breathable and soft to the touch.

What are key elements you need to integrate to make a table stand out?
Candles and flowers are key to setting ambiance, but personal touches like place cards with your guests’ names are memorable details too. The positioning of items is also important, so make sure that the table doesn’t feel too cluttered or too sparse, and find the right way to fold lovely, high-quality Coco Linen™ napkins for some extra luxury.

"[...]Linen evokes a beautiful outdoor table in an Italian vineyard.
Given the choice, I pick the vineyard every time."

Now, you’re ready to make the most of the summer season with our versatile table linens that you can easily mix and match. All that’s left to do is to put some wine on ice and hope for good weather!