There’s a mystique around Sunday morning. It’s the morning that’s associated with sleeping in, going for brunch, catching up on reading, browsing the latest collections on your favorite fashion sites, indulging in pure nothingness -- and eventually rolling into a spin or yoga class. We all want to press pause on it and hope it lasts, especially to avoid the Sunday scaries that kick in by the evening. That’s right: Sunday forever. And while Sunday Funday includes good vibes only, it can also mean turning your bedroom into the ultimate oasis that you won’t want to leave. Basically, ever.

So babes, let’s keep this party in the bedroom.  


What you’ll need

  • A stack of your favorite reading material. We’re kind of partial to print in this case, but if online reading is more your jam, then scroll on, sister.

  • Endless supply of cappuccino or your go-to hot drink.

  • Breakfast in bed: time to pile on your faves, you’ll be here a while.

  • Some green juice because #balance.

  • TV or laptop so you can stream your latest go-tos and catch-up on all the shows you didn’t have time for this week.

  • A face mask because self-care = skincare.

  • Credit card nearby so you can shop the latest trends. Add. To. Cart...


  • Open your blinds but only when you’re ready.

  • Stay in bed and don’t move until you need to go to the bathroom or get your coffee and favorite carbs -- whatever comes first. Sunday mornings in bed are all about guilty pleasures, so take it in.

  • Stock up on all your supplies (see above for list of necessities).

  • Find and turn on the ultimate chill playlist.

  • Whatever you do, keep your sheets as is: no making the bed. While we like to stay under our duvet, you can stay covered or use it as the ultimate picnic blanket. Enjoy.

  • Grab your reading material: This is the best time to see the fashion previews, fashion reviews, “Who wore what best,” who the latest celebrity makeup / breakup is, and get some easy contouring tips.

  • Log onto Instagram and of course, snap your best #MaisonTess shot.

  • Head to the bathroom to put on your favorite face mask, and keep it on for 10 to 20 minutes. Back to bed while you wait, and bring along your Tess. bathroom towel in case your hands are wet.

  • Rinse, and repeat Steps 2 - 7.

  • Leaving home is totally optional.  


Is there really any other way to start the week off?
We don’t think so.


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