Now that summer is finally here, there’s nothing we love more than entertaining our friends outdoors & serving up fresh finds from our local markets.

We asked the hostess with the mostess, Mademoiselle Jules, what her go-to summer recipes are and what tips & tricks she’s got in her back pocket for the ultimate summer entertaining experience.

What are your top 3 summer recipe go-to's and why?


All 3 are my summer classics. I always like to use ingredients from the season. I like to highlight seasonally - Ontario peaches, blueberries from QC. Buying locally is super important to me! Cooking with a farm-to-table vibe is what I love about these ingredients. 

What is your favorite thing about hosting in the summer? Is it the weather, fresh produce, getting inspired by nature? Montrealers love their summer gatherings - how do you make your events special?

All of the above! I love all those things. I like to gather around a table. When you sit down and really "break bread" (haha!), you get to talk and catch up with the people you love. Around a table over food is the most special, cozy and comforting way. That's how I love to host.

Image of a Heirloom Tomato Salad
Image of a Rustic Peach and Apricot pie

Give us your number one hostess tip! What’s something that makes prep go smoother? How do you get your guests to feel comfortable? What are your table-setting must-haves?

PREP IN ADVANCE! I always, without fail, set the table the day before because the day I host I’m overwhelmed with the cooking and perfecting it!

Always cut, wash and dry your herbs in advance so that when you're cooking or doing final touches, it's easy! I love to prepare a nice playlist - I like the energy it brings.

I love making the aesthetic and mood right, so let's say I am hosting at night- there's tons of candles! During the day, there's fresh flowers... you know what I mean!

As for setting the table, I go for natural fabrics - they are my faves. I love the Maison Tess linen napkins - I use them as place mats too! I’ll pick a colour to use for placemats and a complimentary hue to use as napkins - love the versatility!

What are your fave items you’d love to receive as a hostess gift?

I like things that I wouldn’t buy myself like scented candles from Diptyque or Byredo, for Aesop Soaps are the nicest gift ever!

A very expensive & luxurious soap is definitely not something I'd splurge on for myself every day, but when I get it as a hostess gift - I loooove it!

So I myself always gift it when I am hosted somewhere. Another good one is a nice coffee table book that meets the interests of the person's home you are going to.