The warmth guide to our fabrics

There’s nothing quite like a great night’s sleep.  It can help improve your mood, keep your mind sharp and contribute to better physical health.  Knowing what type of sleeper you are can help guide your bedding choice to achieve total comfort.

Fabrics have characteristics that affect their warmth and coolness which should be considered when picking sheets.  Tess. bedding comes in an assortment of fabrics, but keep in mind that just because sheets feel comfortable to the touch, doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best ones for you. 

Meet our fabrics to enhance your sleep experience! 


Our Percale is made up of premium 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, of which you can expect a classic crisp, cool and smooth feeling.  Highly breathable, these sheets are great for all seasons and are considered the best fabric for people who tend to sleep hot.  

Luxe Cotton 

Our Luxe Cotton is made from 100% long staple sateen cotton for a cool, crisp feel and shine finish.  The weave makes the fabric slightly heavier than percale, but it’s more likely to retain heat.  This fabric is fantastic for hot sleepers and those who love a polished hotel look. 

Coco Linen 

Made from a blend of 45% premium percale cotton and 55% French flax linen, our Coco Linen fabric captures the cool and crisp sensation of cotton combined with the lightweight breathable feel of flax linen.  This fabric adapts to body temperature, making it the perfect entredeux for both types of sleepers. 

Muslin Cotton 

Muslin is a loosely woven cotton fabric with a soft and breathable nature. Our Muslin Cotton is made from 100% premium muslin cotton.  Airy and slightly heavier, this material is ideal for those who enjoy more weight to their bedding. 

Washed Linen

Our Washed Linen is made from 100% pure premium flax, it absorbs moisture and is hypoallergenic. Ideal for hot seasons or climates as it’s ultra-breathable, it allows for more airflow to ensure maximum comfort. As the lightest of our fabrics, it’s perfect for sleepers who need to regulate their body temperature.

Stoned Washed Cotton 

Stone-washing is a technique that helps increase the softness and flexibility of fabric. Our quilts are made from two soft layers of 100% premium Stone Washed Cotton and filled with a cozy padding for a lightweight layering piece or throw for the couch.  

The quality of your sleep can help you thrive, choose the best bedding for you!

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