These days, it’s hard not to be environmentally conscious, but it’s also easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the Climate Crisis.
The good news is that small, simple actions go a long way when trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Reduce food waste

Before you even step out of your home, there are some habits you can practice to do your part. To minimize food and water waste, plan meals, prepare smarter portions and use what you have in the fridge. These actions will ensure that you’re truly mindful of what you buy, prepare and consume. Bonus if you compost; it helps you get a better sense of how much food you toss. 

Recycle and reuse

There's no shortage of brands choosing to offer products made with recycled content or reusable instead of disposable ones. The key is to buy less and long-lasting and avoid single-use products. Think creatively about how everyday items can be multifunctional. A vase can hold flowers, spatulas or paintbrushes. There really aren't any rules. Of course, recycling plays a big part, but before you toss a glass jar, container or newspaper, ask yourself how you can reuse it.

Shop sustainably 

Many consumers are also looking at brands to help them live more sustainably in their everyday lives. That can mean choosing a company that favours local ingredients, materials and production—opting to support small businesses, buying inclusive and equitable products to create positive change. Another everyday habit you can adopt is to bring your bags when grocery shopping. 

Donate and buy second-hand

Before tossing an old jacket or blender, ask yourself if it’s really run its course. There’s an abundance of organizations and initiatives seeking all types of donations. Start in your neighbourhood since you’ll reduce driving time and directly benefit your local community. Second-hand shops help minimize environmental impact, reduce waste, and recycle old materials. Since fashion trends come and go, thrift shopping can help you score unique quality pieces at a fraction of their retail price.

Recognizing the connections between our actions, and making decisions based on that awareness, is what being sustainably mindful is all about—one behaviour at a time.