Is there anything better than wrapping yourself in ultra-plush fabric for bedding? Tack on sustainable, comfortable, breathable and you have your answer, our Hemp Cotton blend.

Our Hemp Cotton is an environmentally responsible seasonless gem. Just as breezy as linen, the fabric is made from 73% cotton and 27% hemp, making it a more earth-friendly and resilient choice. Our products are also offered in vibrant colours using cruelty-free dyes.

Let's get into why hemp is such an environmentally-friendly choice.

Hemp uses much less water

One of the main qualities of hemp is its low water demand during its cultivation. It consumes four times less water than cotton. Moreover, it uses mainly rainwater, which is another great advantage for agricultural farmers.

Hemp enriches the soil

Hemp is a durable rotation crop with no waste; the stalk is used as fiber, and the leaves and hurds can be plowed back into the soil as fertilizer. This process helps replenish the soil fertility to help grow the next round of hemp crops. 

Hemp doesn’t need any pesticides to grow

Pesticides end up in the soil, rivers, and streams, creating a direct and severe environmental impact on the communities where farming occurs. In contrast, the hemp plant is naturally resistant to most insects and diseases, basically eliminating the need for any pesticides or herbicides. 

Hemp requires less land to grow

The land required to cultivate hemp is almost half the area needed to grow cotton. It's also a quickly growing and nicely abundant crop that doesn't max out land acreage beyond its capacity.

Our Hemp Cotton fabric is the best of both worlds. While hemp breathes well, offers moisture absorption, and is naturally antibacterial, cotton provides natural softness, controls moisture and insulates. Did we mention it was hypoallergenic?

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