Sleeping is an essential function. It affects your health in the long term, your immune system and your mood. Not sleeping properly can have a massive impact on your life. At Tess., we take sleep seriously, that’s why our products are designed to make your space feel cozy and serene. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, we have a few tips so you can get the most out of your waking hours. 

Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

It all starts with premium bedding! Our products are designed to enhance the comfort of your home. Mix and match our different colours and textures - like Honey Apricot and Marrakech Blue. Layer a bedspread or a quilt on the top of your duvet cover and play with your pillows: add two on top of each other or place them vertically. Whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, make the most of it.

Control your body temperature with linen sheets

Keeping your body within a certain temperature can greatly improve sleep. Linen acts as a natural insulator - it will keep you cool in summer, and warm in winter. Our Washed Linen collection is the next best thing to ensure a restful night - choose between our Chrome, Sand or Whisper White colours. If you prefer the feel of Cotton, our Percale Cotton is ultra-breathable and will keep you cool on hot nights.

Listen to your body

Be mindful of the signals your body is sending you. If you feel tired, go to bed, and if you don’t, don’t try to force it. If your week has been especially tiring, leave your phone outside your bedroom, take a warm bath and read a good book in bed. You’ll thank us for it. 

What are your tips for a good night? Share them with us, along with pictures of your Tess. sheets with the hashtag #thebeautyisinthemess #mytess

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