About us

Our philosophy

Home is where the authenticity is.

At Maison Tess., we believe that your home should reflect your true self. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to compromise style for comfort. Especially, when you can have both with our products that are designed and developed for the couples and families of today. Just like your personal style, we want your rooms to come to life as an extension of your personality and your lifestyle. Our products become a part of your reality as they let you embrace the practicality that lies in the beauty of the mess. Your home should be a reflection of who you are — no filter needed.

Our Products

A simplified production process for more transparency.

Our products are designed in Montreal and they are then produced by a 4th generation family-owned Portuguese manufacturer. As firm believers in the direct-to-consumer approach, we think that it is primordial that you receive your Maison Tess. products directly from us — no middleman included. Our goal is to provide you with premium-quality products with complete transparency, which is why we work with the most unique and high-end fabrics. We are confident that breaking the traditional retail chain combined with remaining authentic represents the best way to build and nurture a strong relationship with our customers.

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