Our Percale Cotton

Percale cotton is known for its matte finish, ultra-softness and supreme durability. Oh, and our 100% long-staple cotton sheets are stonewashed, which means they get softer with every wash. In short: once you sleep in them, you’ll become a believer too. 

Percale is made for you if

You are a creature of habit: you love the comfort of routine, but are always up for trying new things.


Matte finish
100% long-staple cotton

 “Percale” refers to a signature tight weaving method, in which the threads cross over and under each other, one at a time. The tight weave results in several remarkable benefits, such as durability, an ultra-soft feel, and a “buttery” texture that’s smooth to the touch.



 Our Washed Linen

Linen is considered the champagne of textiles, thanks to its velvety feel and ability to be both easy-breezy and breathable. Our premium linen bedsheets are woven from 100% French flax, hailing from the Normandy region. One touch will prove why linen reigns supreme in the material world.

Linen is made for you if

You appreciate the finer things in life: premium quality items that stand out for their beauty and their notable characteristics. Luxurious, made to last a lifetime.


Adapts to body’s temperature
Absorbs moisture
Becomes softer with every wash
Vintage look and feel

Change your outdated perception of linen. This fabric has been pre-washed several times, it boasts a vintage-like look and is known for its super low-maintenance vibe. Part of linen’s allure is that it’s meant to look lived-in. Need we say more, really?