In bed with

Alana Hadid

  • How would you describe your signature look?

    Really uniquely me. It’s much more about my mood, I can feel preppy one day and rocker the next but there will no doubt be something vintage involved and probably something Denim.

  • What’s something you own, that you truly cherish?

    All the old Pictures I have of my mom, my dad, my grandparents. I really cherish having those Memories.

  • We’re all about female empowerment: what gives you those “boss” vibes?

    I love seeing my girls kick ass. It makes me excited to kick ass in my job as well. I want to succeed and take my girls with me.

  • At Tess. we believe “The beauty is in the mess”. What’s your motto when life gets a bit messy?

    Enjoy it. Realize that’s just life, embrace it, because the best parts of life aren’t clean cut they are definitely a mess

  • What’s your workout regimen like?

    I do hot pilates probably 3 times a week, I’m getting into modelfit too. I’m not really regimented but I do really like to keep healthy so I try to work it in.

  • When it comes to sleep, how do you Tess?

    On my side

  • Closet you’d most love to raid

    Anna Dello Russo

  • Instagram account you visit daily

    Alexandra Nechita. She’s one of my best friends and her stories are amazing.

  • Finish this sentence: I never leave home without

    My phone and papaw ointment it’s the best.