• "The beauty is in the mess" and we keep it real: What's your motto when life gets a bit messy?

    THIS TOO SHALL PASS (its tattooed on my wrist)

  • You’re known for beating to your own drum: how has this served you, career-wise?

    Thats the only reason I have ANYTHING - I took a road less traveled, was living in weird places with no money but i believed if I just kept trusting it would lead to something meaningful.

  • We’re all about female empowerment: what gives you those “boss” vibes?

    I believe the future is inclusive and that there is a time and place for being nice and a time and place for not taking any shit- regardless of gender.

  • What is your workout philosophy?

    I used to work out SO HARD for a long time but wasn't getting thinner. I was getting big, swollen and was hungry. Now I cut down my food intake, drink a lot of broth and do easy fulfilling workouts like LONG walks and a to of hot yoga.

  • What's your workout regimen like?

    I do hot pilates probably 3 times a week, I’m getting into modelfit too. I’m not really regimented but I do really like to keep healthy so I try to work it in.

  • When it comes to sleep, how do you Tess?

    Always spooning

  • What beauty items can we always find in the top shelf of your medicine cabinet?

    Biologique recherche

  • What’s something you own, that you truly cherish?

    My wedding ring

  • Closet you’d most love to raid:

    Gilda Ambroso

  • The last text message you sent says:

    "come over after 6 ill have wine"

  • In love i am: