The perfect sleep experience starts with the right fabric.
Here's a guide to help you choose amongst our carefully crafted bedding materials.


Percale Cotton

Made out of our premium 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, our Percale Cotton is crisper and cooler than regular cotton. Highly breathable, it is also lightweight and won't retain heat. Percale is favored by hot sleepers, or people who enjoy a cooler sensation on their skin.


Muslin Cotton

Muslin Cotton is a loosely woven cotton fabric that doesn’t require ironing. There is nothing complicated about its composition or look. It is cooler than regular cotton. Muslin has great air flow, so it ensures there is no overheating with our products, while also being lightweight. Though it has a slightly heavier feel than Percale Cotton, the looser weave still makes it ideal for hot days and staying cool.


Luxe Cotton

Luxe Cotton is made of long staple Egyptian Sateen cotton. The tighter weave is what creates their super soft finish, making them appear to have a shinier and more polished appearance than Percale. This style of weave also makes Luxe Cotton slightly heavier and warmer than other types of cotton bedding and does require ironing. Highly breathable, our Luxe Cotton is ideal for those looking to add that hotel look and feel to their bedroom.


Coco Linen™

Coco Linen is our signature product. It is made from a blend of 45% premium Percale Cotton and 55% French flax linen. The result is a buttery soft fabric that doesn’t need to be ironed, hangs beautifully and has a delicately faded color. Ideal for those who love the look of linen, but desire the softness provided by cotton.


Stonewashed Cotton

Our Stone Washed Cotton is made of 100% cotton. Its name comes from the method used to give it a “lived-in” look and extra soft finish. It becomes more supple with every wash. Stonewashed Cotton regulates body temperature and is durable, making it a sustainable choice. This fabric is breathable all year round, so it is great for summer, but it also brings comfort during the winter months.


Waffle Cotton

Waffle Cotton is woven in a way that allows air to flow through the fabric. The waffle weave has thermal abilities: it provides warmth and insulation by retaining body heat and creating a warm layer next to the skin on cooler nights.. However, Waffle Cotton is also a perfect addition on a hot night instead of a flat sheet, or over a duvet cover if you want to achieve more of a layered look.


Washed Linen

Our premium quality linen is about 30 percent more durable than other bedding. Ideal for hot or cool sleepers, because of its adaptable nature. It is hypoallergenic and is also believed to prevent bacterial growth.

Thread Count

Making more educated choices

The high thread count standard is a “myth”, as a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. People have believed this criterion to be true for far too long, however, this is not the case! According to research, there is a chance of you getting too warm using high thread count sheets. This is why at Maison Tess. we choose premium long staple Egyptian cotton for all of our cotton-based products. Furthermore, our breathable, lightweight materials are all cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX® certified.